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Have you ever dreamed to become a creative photograph?

How to change your profession?

If you have a dream to have a creative profession, you need to start learning photography. This creative profession will cover all your needs.

For whom?

You can choose the best photography courses from a wild range of diverse courses intended for different levels. Our courses focus on different styles and technical particularities of the photography process.

What will you study?

At our online courses, you will study different styles of photography and their particularities. During the study process, you will explore a photography process from beginning to end. You will get to know what equipment to use for different styles of photography.

What will you start from?

You will start with the basics of how a camera operates, the types of cameras and equipment you will use for different styles of photography. At the end of the courses, you will dive into the different styles of photography you can focus on.

Get new skills
What skills you will get

How to use a camera?

You will understand how a camera works and what equipment you need to use in order to take excellent photos in different styles.

Composition & lighting

You will get to know how to build a composition, how to use lighting and settings properly to take high-quality photos. Our experienced tutor will provide you with useful tips that will help you in your photography practice.

Editing photo

At these courses, you will learn to take diverse photos in different styles but also edit them professionally using graphic editors.

Tips for beginners

Expose and focus first, then frame your shot

You should always focus on and properly expose the subject before adjusting the frame. This happens more often while extreme lights and darks are combined in one scene.

Study on your own experience

The more mistakes you make, the more efficient your studying is and the more important skills you get. A lot of professional photographers start without an understanding of caners. So, you can get valuable experience while taking photos.

Straighten and crop while editing

You should try to straighten shots by looking through your camera’s viewfinder before capturing an image, but it’s not always easy to get this perfect on the first try. The viewfinder or the preview on your LCD is quite small compared to full-screen editing. That's why you need to adjust settings if you use a bigger screen.


Styles of photography

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is one of the most popular photography styles. Its aim is to capture a person and reflect its mood and character. In this type of photography, the details are very important. Popular types of photography portraits include senior portraits, family portraits, engagement photos, and professional headshots. If you are a professional photographer, you need to make your client feel comfortable.

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is a style of photography used to present clothes, jewelry, autos in order to attract the attention of potential customers. So, fashion photography needs to be excellent, stylish, and eye-catching. Fashion photographers need to have the same skills as portrait photographers and practice good teamwork and communication while working with shoot stylists, creative directors, and models.

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